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Melody Crowder-Meyer



Department of Political Science

The University of the South




POLS 101 - American† Government and Politics

A study of the United States government, including both political institutions (e.g. the three branches of government, political parties) and political behavior (e.g. public opinion, political participation, media effects)

POLS 307 - Women in American Politics (also Womenís Studies)

An analysis of the role of gender in American politics, specifically how gender affects the political activities of American residents, political candidates, and elected officeholders. Students evaluate differences in menís and womenís political participation, party affiliations, and campaign strategies and styles. They also examine reasons for womenís political underrepresentation and implications of gender inequality in political office holding.

POLS 328 - Parties and Interest Groups in the United States

An examination of the activities and influence of political parties and interest groups in the U.S. Course topics include the history and development of parties and interest groups, the activities of party organizations, party identification in the electorate, how parties shape elections and the behavior of elected officials, and how much influence interest groups have on campaigns and in government.

POLS 330 - Race and Ethnicity in American Politics (also American Studies)

This course examines the many ways in which race and ethnicity play a role in American politics, including how race and ethnicity affect personal identity, political preferences, political participation, candidates and campaigns, public officeholders, and policymaking. Topics considered include racial identity, descriptive and substantive representation, intersectionality (the interaction of race, gender, class and other social categories), and the effect of race and ethnicity on current public policy debates.

POLS 407 - Research Seminar in Political Behavior

A study of the political opinion and behavior (including voting) of the general public, with special attention given to developing appreciation of, and skill in, empirical analysis.


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